Monday, September 22, 2008

taco salad...weight watcher's style

i have forced myself to start WW again. Taco Salad is a big dinner staple for me because i can get a huge salad with lot's of taste for 8-9 points.
i splurged this time by using 11 doritos. that's a full serving, but 5 chips do just fine and i will stick to that next time. i was a dummy and used a full cup of meat instead of 1/2c. which is the bulk of the points.(4 for 80%)
my point saver came with my brilliant idea with the dressing. i am not a huge salad person. if i eat one i want a rasberry vinegarette or creamy italian. so, Kraft's creamy italian is all i keep in my fridge. well, 2T of it is 3 points. i didn't want to use that much, so i halfed it and mixed it with a good amount of green salsa verde sauce, which is zero points. it was perfect.
i think next time i'm gonna nix the meat and use black beans!!

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