Saturday, May 3, 2008


when grocery shopping, i try my best to chose healthy, organic foods. however, i am broke ass poor. but i'm not going to use that as an excuse anymore. i am not a typical grocery shopper. i don't spend very much money on groceries. i buy the minimum: bread, milk, eggs, juice, peanut butter, jam, lunch meat, pasta, cheese, meats, veggies and fruits. as much as i LOVE sweets, i almost NEVER buy junk food. if i want something sweet, i bake. so, i guess i also buy flour, sugar, cocoa, baking chocolate.

well, i always tell myself i'm going to do better, but this time i mean it! i am ordering my first home delivered box of organic fruits and veggies. YAY!

click on the logo for their website


Julia said...

I used to do that, but quit because I was too poor. I should start again. I loved it when I did. I also made friends with the woman who did my deliveries.

domestic porn said...

i'm too poor myself....i actually havent even made the order yet because extra things keep coming up and my money is flying out the window!