Monday, May 5, 2008

last minute spirit and future breakfast

today was a VERY busy day in which i didn't plan a single thing for dinner. i arrived home at 6:45 with a hungry 3 year old and the inkling that my parents would be just as pooped as me. i went to their house and for the simple(and much needed) reason of wanting a pina colada, i went all "cinco de mayo". i didn't have a plan and grabbed stuff out the fridge and pantry. i sauted chicken with green peppers and onions and added some southwestern style salsa. then put on a boxed spanish rice mix. zatarains. my favorite.

..and while that cooked i made myself a pina colada. my son didn't understand why he couldn't have a "milk shake" too. luckily a capri-sun kept him happy. (those are a rare buy). i also made him a quick cheese quesadilla to snack on.

here is what i do to spice up my favorite frozen drink:

i use bicardi frozen mix which i pour into the blender first. then i fill half the cup with rum. and a trick i learned from my mom, a scoop of vanilla icecream. fill the rest with ice and blend. to top it off whip some cream and toast some coconut. it's perfect! (a tip: it seems that if you blend and then have to add more ice, the ice never blends completely. so just fill your blender up to the brim the first time).

after a few sips my parents arrived home very pleased that i had cooked. the chicken mixture was served over lettuce with beans, sour cream and pepperjack cheese along with the rice. yay mexico!

tomorrow i have planned to allow myself one more fattening, binge eating day. i am tired of my guttony, but must have a good breakfast tomorrow. i have just taken pork sausage out of the freezer.

pork sausage gravy over grits:
~crumble and brown pork sausage(remove casings if in links)
~use slotted spoon to remove cooked sausage and let drain on paper towl.
~keep pan on medium low heat and sprinkle 2 or 3 T. of flour onto pan drippings/grease. wisk until thick. add part water, part milk. start at half a cup each. as it simmers it will start to thicken. just keep adding liquids until your desired thickness. wisk often!
~most gravys need lot's of salt and pepper. you may not need any because the sausage is so full of flavor!
~add sausage into gravy and serve over grits.
~the grits directions are on the bag, or if you are from the south, you already know

this is very much like shrimp and grits, but without the yucky shrimp!

i will serve this with a fried egg over medium. CAN'T WAIT!

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Heather Solos said...

That's it, you must move north of I-95.
You can't live here and not like shrimp. Didn't you read the rules?
You may be able to bribe the enforcers with some cookies.