Tuesday, May 6, 2008

tuna fish on toast

a pretty big staple growing up was a meal called tuna fish on toast. it wasn't a once a week thing, more like once a month...the end of the month, if you get my drift. ($) we never knew any different. we LOVED it. my mom couldn't get the bread toasted quick enough.

it's also good if your loaf of bread is starting to get stale!

the original recipe, i believe, calls for a stick of butter. i wouldn't dare.

Tuna Fish on Toast:

~3 or 4 T. butter
~2 or 3 T. flour
~can of tuna fish
~~~on medium heat melt butter and flour and stir until melted together and fairly thick(like a batter). pour milk a little at a time while wisking. it will become thick like a gravy. you want it to be a pourable consisitency. the amount of milk is up to you...maybe about a cup give or take. with each addition of milk sprinkle with salt and pepper. then drain your tuna and stir in. always keep just at a simmer.
~~~toast bread and pour on top. it taste good to sprinkle some sea salt over top.

for my son i serve it over penne pasta. i understand him being weary of soggy bread. (which reminds me. don't be scared to REALLY toast your bread).
tonight i even tried the tuna over pasta and it wasn't bad. i started thinking how good it would be to add bread crumbs and parmesan and twice bake. Mmmmm


Margo said...

Sounds yum.

And by the way, you're the best food picture person ever! :-)

Furniture27 said...

That sounds a bit like the base of a good tuna casserole. I will try that for sure.

domestic porn said...

yeah, that's exactly what i was thinking when i tasted it with the pasta. i will try that next time!