Tuesday, May 6, 2008

why not add biscuits...

i went ahead with breakfast as planned. but what is a gluttenous breakfast without some homemade biscuits!? i NEVER thought i would get them "down". my mom is the best biscuit maker in town and mine never turned out. but with some hard work and determination i am now the designated biscuit baker.

~2 heaping cups of self rising flour
~3 heaping T. of vegetable shortening
~1 scant c. milk
~~~mix flour and shortening with a fork or your hands until most of the flour is mixed with shortening and kinda lumpy.
~~~add milk and lightly mix all together with a spoon(or hands if that brave). mix JUST UNTIL incorporated. do not handle any longer then needed. this is what keeps them fluffy!
~~~pour out onto a floured surface, either a counter or cutting board. don't knead, just use your hands to form together and to press flat. use your fingers and hands instead of a rolling pin. then cut out with biscuit cutter and place them touching each other on a baking sheet. cook for 10-12 minutes in a 400 degree oven. (preheat)


Margo said...

Those are made from scratch! Wow! If they taste as good as they look then they must be great!

domestic porn said...

yup. made from scratch. i will have you over for breakfast soon and make ya some!