Saturday, April 26, 2008

baked gifts

even more so then baking, i love packaging. it's a strange thing to love, i know. it can easily sucker me into purchasing a good. anywhere from cleaning products to the way a tag looks on a shirt. i just see and appreciate the beauty and cleverness that goes into it. so, in other words, i love making baked goods cute for gifts or wrapping presents. my mother requested 3 things for a weekend trip she had the past few days. lemon tart, sour cream coffee cake and caramel popcorn.

a few months ago my husband and i went up north to get some tattoos. as a "thank you", i sent our artist some baked goods. he also got caramel popcorn and a coffee cake, but in addition he got cinnamon-less called sugardoodles.

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Margo said...

Hey! The jam was totally spur of the moment, and trust me, it was more work than play! I'll hang onto a jar for you. Sorry I didn't call!