Saturday, April 26, 2008

last wednesday i made herbed pork chops with raspberry sauce from
i'm not a huge fan of pork AT ALL, but my parents love it and i cook them dinner atleast 3 nights a week. they work late and they do a lot for me, so it's the least i can do(i do more though). it was the raspberry sauce that sold me on trying this recipe.
but.....i will admit that i like leftover pork sandwiches with some sort of fruit concoction. last time i made apple chutney, but this time i had the raspberry sauce. i mixed it with mayo.....
i drizzled it on the meat and heated it up.....

i toasted some bread, slathered the mayo/sauce and piled on the meat. (not quite piled..there wasn't much leftover) and gobbled up. SO GOOD!
next time i'm going to cook the pork just for sandwiches!!

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