Thursday, April 17, 2008

saturday night dessert

Saturday night my mother had family coming over after dinner and, like always, asked me to supply desserts.First up was a brownie. I had seen an article in a mag about going outside the box while serving dessert. This was an example they used.....

I lined a round casserole dish with butcher paper. I cut it into a circle. Parchment paper works but I liked using the brown paper. The batter goes half way up the paper leaving scalloped edges. Leave the cooked brownie in the paper. I served it on a small pedestal cake plate.

To go along with that I made icecream truffles. I don't remember where this idea came from(i may have just thought it up) but I did it about 2 years ago for a playdate.

Icecream truffles:

~Use small scoop or melon baller to make icecream into truffle sized balls. Freeze until hard.

~then coat in toppings and freeze until time to eat. I used chopped bitter chocolate. Chopped nuts and tosted coconut.

I served those in dishes along with chocolate sauce. That's no was hershey's. What is a secret is my brownie recipe. Its just a simple and old fashioned one, but its the best I have had and I have dreams of owning a world known bakery so its what you would call my "crabby patty".

I also made individual peach cobblers. In ramekins of course. I had some frozen peaches from winter months. I covered them in a warm simple syrup to thaw.


~Stick butter, melted

~1 cup sugar

~1 cup s.r. Flour

~3/4 c. Milk

~throw all in a bowl and mix just until mixed. Lumps are fine.

~seperate into ramekins(or into one oven safe bowl)

~pick your fruit...berries, peaches, cherries. if using fresh, cover with simple syrup:(heat 1/2c. sugar with 1/4c. water until dissolved).

~fruit filling should be dumped into batter. it will sink to bottom. do not stir.

~cook for 35 minutes or an hour @ 350

here is the table. tablescape isn't that fancy..but i was pooped. HA!

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