Saturday, April 12, 2008

i am a very "on the whim" kind of girl. i see all these blogs and know all kinds of mom's who plan each dinner weeks in advance. i can't do that. i wish i could. i don't know what i want to make until about 6pm when my son starts getting whiny and i'm like, "shit, i guess we need to eat dinner". there are some days when i plan it that morning, which is about as good as i'll get....unless i'm having a dinner party. parties are the one and only thing i can plan!

yesterday was a VERY late day. my son didn't wake up until after 9:30, so my husband and i found a little somthing to do until he woke up ;)

anywho, that gave us a very late breakfast and a very late lunch. we had a trip to the aquarium which had us eating lunch at chic-fi-a after 2pm. i'm not quite sure what time it was when my son was digging through the fridge(i hate this habit. i am trying to nip it)....i decided i didn't want to make a shitty dinner, so after 6pm, i went to the grocery store. i decided on hamburger steak with rice and gravy, sauted squash with basil, peas and biscuits. we ate after 7pm. i know, i know.

so you know, i do sometimes cook in a very "paula deen" style.

ground beef is a big staple for me because i'm not a huge meat eater and even more then eating it, i hate handeling it. especially chicken. ugh! but ground beef is easy to cook. for the most part i get 93% lean, but that won't make gravy, so this time i got 80%. that's about as low as i will buy.the squash is cooked in butter and sprinkles with lots of dry basil and kosher salt. it was a tad mushy,

my gravy turned out really weird. it almost had a gamey taste to it. might have been the lower fat contents of the meat or the browning sauce is idea. we still ate it. the husband loved it.
and to finish off our late day....i made a midnight pound cake. i will have to post about that later.....

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