Tuesday, April 15, 2008

black bean angel hair

the baby and i are alone tonite. i had leftover black beans and tomatoes from last night's sun-dried tomato alfredo on rigtoni, which we also ate alone, but didn't want that again. so, i just cooked up angel hair and threw it in with the black beans and tomatoes that i sauteed with olive oil, garlic salt and basil. i melted some fresh parmesan in it as well.
it was VERY light, so it may only satisfy you if you've had a heavy day of eating. if you want something full of flavor, add some cream. ha!
of course i had to make garlic bread. its a wheat roll with olive oil, garlic salt and dry basil.
this morning my husband's band manager was over, so i made homemade waffles and scrambled eggs. i wish i would have kept the batter, made more waffles and frozen them cause i sure could use one right now!


summer wong said...

Drool!!!! Looks great, so simple and healthy. Yay!

More fashion posts please <3

domestic porn said...

can't wait to do more fashion and home decor posts...bare with me! ;)