Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bacon on eggsalad

about 10 years ago i worked in an icecream shop/cafe. on our menu was an eggsalad sandwich with bacon. i'm not sure if i tried it there because i'm not a huuuge fan of bacon, but i made them for lunch yesterday. i mentioned it to my husband and he was all about it.

this isn't the first time i've made them since my icecream scooping days though. remember my post where i did some "catering" for my uncle's bistro. well, i did a baby shower for him also. anyways, i gave a few options. one being tea sandwiches. i got the idea from a martha stewart book(the same one that gave me the coconut ganache bites), but only because of pictures. i made three tea sandwiches that were not on her pages. one of them was the bacon and eggsalad on oatmeal bread. they were a huge hit! and just a tip i learned from the great martha...drape wet paper towels over the sandwiches until ready to serve. it worked like a fucking charm and in fact, reversed some staling(sp?) bread.


Julia said...

Did you work at Ye Olde Fashioned?

house and home said...

Sure did! Best job ever...besides the low pay and shitty hours!