Saturday, June 7, 2008

miracle cornbread

the other night i made a vegetarian meal that was out to get me! it involved macaroni salad with peas, brown rice(made with chicken stock....worst. vegetarian. EVER) topped with lima beans and cornbread. i wrote a long post about it, but it was deleted and now i'm over it, but i MUST talk about the cornbread....

besides not having the rice i wanted and just enough of the rice i had and having to switch pots mid-boil and barely having enough leftovers to make a macaroni salad and draining the juice from the beans that should have stayed...the cornbread was the saddest and yet it turned out devine. half way through starting the batter, i was out of milk and eggs. fabulous.....but i did have half and half and i found out online that 2T of cornstarch equals and egg. we were in business! and i tell you...the sweetest/best cornbread i've ever made or tasted!

and when i have leftover cornbread or biscuits, they get drizzled with warm syrup.

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